FDA detects new E. coli outbreak in US

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On the territory of the United States today, a new outbreak of infection with bacteria E. coli was announced, but this time so far we are not talking about any large and rapidly spreading infection, since a total of 20 states were recorded where it somehow has an effect to be. This time around, the main culprit of E. coli intestinal nematode infections was romaine lettuce sold in single and prefabricated formats, distributed primarily by food holding Tanimura & Abtle Inc., with the latter admitting its fault in the outbreak and is now actively engaged in internal investigations into the fact that it was the root cause of the infection of a large amount of lettuce.

In addition, technologists from the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States also spoke about this beforehand, who themselves discovered the existing problem, drawing attention to the noticeably increased number of individual complaints about intestinal poisoning. The vast majority of patients with symptoms of E. coli bacteria poisoning in one way or another had an episode of eating romaine lettuce sold under this company.

However, it is also worth mentioning the fact that the most problematic consignments of this salad from Tanimura & Antle Inc. were batches dated October 15 and 16 of this year, respectively, and therefore both the technologists of the FDA and the company's employees have already begun a full-scale investigation, which should help answer the question of at what stage the salad was contaminated with the indicated bacteria.

On the other hand, there is a considerable chance that the Federal Commission will issue otherwise only restrictive recommendations for potential consumers of salad from this manufacturer – and this may clearly not be enough, given that at this point in time the situation continues to gradually spread to other states. country. However, for now, it only remains to await the final decision from the Federal Commission and a number of other US health organizations.

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