FDA Commission seizes Thyroid NP in USA

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Today it became known that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has decided to withdraw from the widespread commercial circulation a fairly popular drug taken by many patients with hypothyroidism – we are talking about the so-called NP Thyroid drug, which was delivered to US drug stores for several years now. The main reason for the seizure of this drug by the FDA Commission and the manufacturer of the drug represented by Acella Pharmaceuticals is that recent laboratory studies of the drug revealed an excessively large amount of the hormone lyotironin-T3, which is the basis of this drug.

Despite the fact that the hormone lyotironin-T3 itself is a fairly common and generally safe hormone, nevertheless, its excessive production and presence in the blood can lead to rather serious damage to organs on cellular damage. The NP Thyroid preparation itself with the content of this hormone is made almost completely naturally, because the main source of this hormone is pigs, experiments from an early period on which confirmed that it is their variant of this hormone that is the safest and devoid of any side effects with respect to human anatomy.

However, the decision to withdraw this drug in the 30, 60 and 90 mg format was dictated by the detection of about 115% lyotironin-T3 in it, which is an excessively large indicator to continue to be safe. Nevertheless, FDA specialists in collaboration with pharmacists from Acella Pharmaceuticals, which produces this drug in the United States, continues its research.

Because this drug NP Thyroid has been distributed through official commercial channels in the United States for a rather long time – although experts put forward a fairly convincing assumption that the problem was identified only within the last two parties, which lasts about December 2019. Anyway, for now it remains to wait for the final stage of the investigation, on the basis of which it will be possible to conclude as to how effectively the team coped with its task.

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