FDA Authorizes New COVID-19 Home Tests

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Today it became known that the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States has decided to officially approve new options and configurations of home tests to determine infection with a new type of coronavirus – in particular, we are talking about those tests that are freely sold in US pharmacies and which are designed for self-diagnosis at home, when going to a doctor or a special testing center is a problematic moment. It is worth noting that the FDA recently prepared a special authorization project for this kind of tests, but only now all legal formalities have been settled.

It is worth noting the fact that the FDA has a really wide experience in all that concerns the legal preparation of various kinds of medicines and diagnostic methods aimed at helping people – and in the case of a new type of coronavirus, the situation is similar. It turned out that some individual diagnostic tests of self-use are really indicative and multifunctional, and therefore the representatives of the Federal Commission decided to approve them at the federal level.

First of all, we are talking about such diagnostic tests as BD Veritor System, Abbott BinaxNOW and Quidel QuickVue – all these diagnostic tests of a preliminary nature have a really high level of efficiency, combined with a high degree of ease of use on their own, and therefore it is hardly surprising that that the Federal Food and Drug Administration of the United States made such a decision.

In addition, it is not yet completely clear on what principle the distribution of additional tests for COVID-19 of this type will go, since the FDA also needs to deal with some additional points of this kind – it can be assumed that it will conduct appropriate research on adaptation and optimization first. some third-party number of similar tests, after which the federal approval of their use by users will be issued.

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