FDA approves new saliva test for COVID-19

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The coronavirus of a new type COVID-19 is a well-known hassle not only in the field of maintaining public health, but also in the context of its own diagnosis – since most of the tests used today, one way or another, have a known level of problems with the accuracy and speed of the results. And even the most accurate option with sampling from the inner part of the nasal mucosa may not always be accurate enough, not to mention the fact that it is quite invasive and risky not only for the patient, but also for the doctor. That is why a team of specialists from Yale University has unveiled a new coronavirus test.

Their test consists in a certain modification of the salivary test that has existed until now – the main part of the modifications is associated precisely with the use of alternative chemical agents, with the help of which it is determined whether a person is sick with coronavirus or not.

What's more, the new saliva test has proven to be so effective and easy to perform that the FDA has announced that it has already approved a new plan to integrate the saliva test into US public health – but it's worth noting that. that we are talking about using this test only as a kind of emergency measure and tool for determining and detecting COVID-19, since the new diagnostic test has yet to undergo several performance checks in various scenarios and with various chemical agents. Thus, the specialists pointed out the fact that they intend to further improve the test's performance.

It is also worth pointing out the fact that so far in the United States, in fact, there is no universal diagnostic test for COVID-19 – moreover, most of the guidelines and recommendations in this direction indicate that it is better for doctors to use proven invasive measures and the means to identify the correct result. It remains only to wait for the final result to improve this test.

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