FDA Approves New Ebola Vaccine

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The Ebola virus, which is a fairly serious viral disease, over the past few years has managed to significantly influence the development of practical medicine – today the leadership of the Federal Commission for the Control of Quality of Medicines and Foodstuffs in the USA announced the final and official approval of the Ebola virus vaccine, which marks is a conceptually new stage in the fight against this disease. This decision was made in conjunction with leading experts in the field of virology and medicine from the World Health Organization and has also been ratified for use in Africa, Europe and North America.

The vaccine itself is called Ervebo and is a completed experimental project consisting of several previously selected selector vaccines and chemical compounds that have proven to be effective “soldiers” against the symptoms of the virus. The study and testing of this vaccine itself lasted seven years, during which the largest study was conducted in Guinea from 2014 to 2016 – then 2,100 patients infected with the Ebola virus were selected.

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In total, the researchers had two types of vaccines – the first is an immediate-effect vaccine, and the second is a delayed one that occurs within 21 days from the time of administration, which corresponds to the incubation period of the Ebola virus. It turned out that in the first case, the effectiveness of the vaccine reaches almost 100% in all patients, and in the case of the second vaccine, a little more than 80%. Such numbers simply cannot be ignored by the international medical community, which was the basis for the approval of the Ervebo vaccine by the FDA Commission.

It is worth noting that Ervebo is to a greater extent a collection of several vaccines that have truly diverse and versatile effects – but in any case, the vaccine presented is the most indicative and effective for most cases of infection of the Ebola virus, with the condition that there are no any long and serious complications from the patient undergoing treatment for this vaccine.

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