FDA again recalls massive shipments of thyroids in the US

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Today it became known about the next decision of the US Federal Food Safety Commission regarding the mass recall of thyroid-containing drugs, mainly distributed by the pharmaceutical company Acella Pharmaceuticals. It is worth noting the fact that the previous round of these medical disputes between consumers and the company was tied to an excessively large amount of thyroid hormones, but now we are talking about the opposite trend – the amount of active hormonal substances T3 and T4 in these drugs from the company is so small that it stops help end patients in some effective way.

And this is a really big problem, since a stable and problem-free supply of thyroids is very critical for most patients who suffer from various hormonal disorders and who need the most effective treatment method possible. As for recent batches of thyroid-containing drugs from Acella Pharmaceuticals, we are talking mainly about volumes of 15 and 120 mg, which are the most common and often demanded among end patients – it was in them that a record low amount of active thyroid hormones T3 and T4 was found, which automatically excludes them from the spectrum of any interesting and effective drugs for adjusting hormonal levels.

However, Acella Pharmaceuticals does not give up and says that it intends to conduct another laboratory raid in the near future in order to identify the most vulnerable spots of its supplies and to understand the issue of the thyroid ratio.

On the other hand, one can hardly expect that Acella Pharmaceuticals will react quickly to the new decision of the FDA, since here we are talking about the need to shovel a really large volume of recently released drugs – and this process can be delayed for a really long time. Thus, the FDA prefers so far to focus on third-party reviews and recommendations from medical agencies that constantly monitor the latest changes in the US pharmaceutical market.

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