FDA advises against using anti-malarial drugs against coronavirus

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The U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration has issued a special warning statement today to discard the use of certain anti-malarial drugs that supposedly help treat a new type of coronavirus. We are talking about the two main components of such drugs in the person of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, since earlier experimental tests on animals have shown that they are very effective against a whole group of coronaviruses – this warning was also duplicated by WHO, whose specialists did not find confirmation that these drugs really help.

In fact, the situation looks exactly the opposite, since these chemical agents in anti-malarial drugs can cause certain health problems, in particular, they can become a risk of the onset and development of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and liver, which is quite eloquent the volume of cases of these diseases, most likely caused by chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

Be that as it may, US President Donald Trump supported the Commission’s early initiative to introduce these drugs into the range of “urgent” medications that can be used from a new type of coronavirus only as a last resort, which was strongly condemned by WHO. It becomes clear that this situation is more complicated than it initially seemed, because to determine the real degree of threat of these anti-malarial agents, it is necessary to conduct many long-term clinical studies, and in the current situation there simply is no time.

Therefore, the Federal Commission issued a special warning that US citizens should not use these drugs without medical knowledge, since there is indeed a risk of cardiovascular and liver diseases, moreover, this risk increases by more than two times by old age. It remains only to wait for further studies on how useful or not these drugs against a new type of coronavirus can be.

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