FDA accelerates the spread of anti-myeloma drugs

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Today, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration decided to speed up the process of issuing and distributing a drug called Selinexor, which is being developed and manufactured by the Xpovio pharmaceutical company, as the fact that preliminary studies clearly showed the high effectiveness of this medicine. development of multiple myeloma, a special form of blood cancer. It is worth noting the fact that such a solution was conceived quite a long time ago and is currently beginning its rapid deployment – but with some reasonable limitations.

First, the accelerated course of issuing and spreading Selinexor is focused on those patients whose form of refractory multiple myeloma does not respond to treatment with other types of therapies, as it is in a state of self-recovery – and this is a very difficult period in the development of the disease, when even the most complex and strong forms of chemotherapy do not have the desired effect on infected blood cells.

And secondly, Selinexor will somehow be used in combination with dexamethasone, which is quite strong, but at the same time smooths the corticosteroid in its properties. Preliminary studies in experimental mice have demonstrated that it is this combination that is most effective and at the same time reasonable in safety for the organism in the presence of recovering multiple myeloma, which no longer responds to other forms of therapy. It remains only to wait for the final stage of such a deployment.

On the other hand, representatives of the Federal Commission should also think about additional means and precautionary measures aimed at maintaining the general level of safety and preventing the spread of selinexor outside the strictly controlled oncological flow – because such a drug combination is extremely tempting.

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