Fatty foods can cause hunger glitches

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Today, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine in the United States presented their new study to the general public regarding the real harm caused by the systematic use of foods high in fat and complex carbohydrates – fast food is the main article here. The fact is that, conducting their research on a fairly long-term basis, experts found that the systematic use of fatty foods inevitably leads to an increase in the reproduction of a hormone called GIP, also known as a gastric inhibitory polypeptide, which in turn affects leptin, another hormone.

One way or another, such a hormonal ligament leads to rather serious consequences related to impaired functioning of the brain, namely, impaired brain signals about hunger – a person ceases to correctly perceive these signals and, thus, constantly feels hunger. Speaking about their study and its results in a more detailed way, experts note that excessive consumption of fatty foods leads to an increase in the production of the hormone GIP, which in turn regulates the production of the hormone leptin – but leptin is already directly associated with the notorious brain signals.

Increasing in its concentration, leptin accumulates too much and over time, an appreciable index of resistance to this hormone is produced in the body – which leads to systematic disturbances in the brain signals of leptin, which indicate that the body is saturated. Thus, fatty foods can actually be the scourge, because of which this segment of the brain is disturbed.

As a result, the systematic use of fast food and fatty foods, in principle, leads to impaired brain signals – and it becomes much more difficult for a person to get out of this vicious circle of eternal hunger. It is worth noting the fact that scientists from Baylor College also say that some other compounds most likely play a role in the context of these processes, but they are not yet the central component of the study.

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