Fatty cells accumulated in the respiratory tract of obese people

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A new study by medical doctors from the University of Western Australia today showed a unique and first-seen correlation between being overweight and a higher risk of accumulation of fat cells in the airways – something that was previously actively ignored in the context of studying various diseases associated with obesity. And today, experts have managed to shed light on some features, one way or another connected with a possible correlation between the degree of obesity and the amount of fatty tissue and cells that accumulate in the airways, which may also have several layers of a medical explanation for the situation.

The fact is that people who are overweight or with one degree or another of obesity are in one way or another at an increased risk of developing various respiratory diseases – and if it was previously believed that the main reason for this was a change in hormonal balance and the accumulation of fat cells inside organs, then at this point in time also takes into account the new theory of Australian scientists.

They conducted a comparative study of 52 former patients who were obese during life and, based on autopsy, identified a significant number of adipose fat cells inside their respiratory tract, both in the internal and external parts. Thus, almost all 52 former patients showed almost identical indicators of such a relationship, which led Australian researchers to the idea that obesity and excess weight can be a factor in the additional accumulation of adipose tissue and fat cells not only in organs, but also inside the respiratory canals.

And this, in turn, is an even more dangerous moment for most people, because it determines an additional degree of risk in the treatment of various respiratory diseases during obesity. In general, new scientific data clearly illustrate the direct relationship between the accumulation of fat in the respiratory tract and the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, which can also be caused by increased activity of fat cells.

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