Fasting helps strengthen the immune system

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Scientists from the University of Southern California have done some research and found that starving periodically is good for health. According to them, which has been proven by clinical studies, it makes the immune system work even better.

So, a group of volunteers about 2-3 days a month for six months refused food. In their diet was only mineral water, green tea without sugar and other healthy drinks. These days, the body rebuilt its work – began to use reserves of fat, glucose and ketones. In addition, the destruction of leukocytes began. It is the last factor that triggers the process of updating the immune system. It was also found that the processes were launched to destroy already damaged cells.

By diagnostic methods, it was found that all participants showed a decrease in the production of a substance such as protein kinase A. Note that this element may be one of the reasons for the development of the oncological process in the body.

There is a benefit from the work of the gastrointestinal tract – weight is reduced, the level of fats in the body stabilizes. In people who have chemotherapy in the clinical picture, they feel better.



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