Factory drugs against cancer inside the body

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Managed to “teach” the body to concentrate drugs

Recently, scientists in the field of chemical engineering of the Israeli Institute of High Technologies managed to “teach” the body to concentrate drugs used to treat cancer, to limit them in the tumor zone, avoiding the harmful overall effects on the body.

The fact is that during the treatment with chemotherapy only 1/10 of them get to the tumor, the rest is spread throughout the body, having a toxic effect on the organs and the immune system. And even an innovative method of selective chemotherapy, with the introduction of drugs directly to the tumor, does not provide them with a 100% effect on the tumor.

The uniqueness of the new technique

The new technique, which is based on nano-technology, is perfect unique. Special microparticles containing specific proteins “look for” the tumor and penetrate into it, after which the body begins to synthesize biological antitumor substances from proteins contained in the microparticles. He creates, as it were, a “factory” that produces a unique biological anticancer drug.

Prior to this, scientists could only break down the drug inside the tumor so that it did not affect the entire body. Israeli scientists finally managed to develop a technology for creating a unique drug in the tumor itself, to model it for a specific patient and a specific type of tumor. This is another breakthrough on the way to a complete cure for cancer.


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