Experts talk about the dangers of sleep trackers

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Many users and owners of so-called fitness trackers and wrist devices that track patterns and sleep patterns can actually get more harmful effects from them than useful ones – some experts came to this conclusion, having carefully analyzed all the effects that these devices differ from. . Moreover, the report of the experts said that in fact wrist devices that track sleep can lead some users to such a psychological state as orthosomalia – the desire to optimize their sleep patterns as much as possible, which can result in not quite healthy behavior aspirations.

Many previous studies have shown that most of these wrist tracking devices are not really useful – at least because they only allow you to get a general impression about how well-balanced or unbalanced sleep a person suffers. On the other hand, some separate tracking trackers allow clarifying some specific points, such as the speed of falling asleep, the duration of the slow sleep phase and the number of person’s spills per night.

But in their new study, experts focused on identifying how such wrist devices can actually affect a person – and found that most of these users are having trouble sleeping, in pursuit of the desire to optimize it – a considerable amount of guilt is there throws up a certain sleep mode at a certain time, which is also very individual for each person.

It is worth noting that in the new study, experts also pay close attention to the fact that some fitness trackers and sleep-tracking devices can sometimes show incorrect results, even if the person himself does not have problems with sleep and generally sleeps correctly. So medical advice in this regard is a much more reliable base than some kind of application, which obviously should not be forgotten.

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