Experts minimize autism symptoms with a fecal graft

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Many studies examining the potential relationship between the intestinal biome and various psychological and cognitive disorders have in one way or another revealed this very relationship, usually extended to a specific segment of intestinal bacteria. That is why a talented team of microbiology specialists from Arizona State University revealed some pretty interesting results from their own experiment, concentrating around a fecal transplant to increase the diversity of intestinal bacteria and the condition of autism in several children working with professional doctors and educators.

Previous studies from 2017 revealed that the absolute majority of children with autism in varying degrees, there is not quite the normal state of the intestinal biome of bacteria – in some cases its functions are impaired, and in some cases several important bacterial families are simply absent, of which it was concluded that if the intestinal bacterial environment was improved, the symptoms of autism — at least some — could be minimized or completely defeated.

This is exactly what the current study of a team of Arizona specialists dedicated to 18 children with varying degrees and forms of autistic disorder was used and for eight weeks they used fecal transplants for the intestinal biome, increasing the diversity of intestinal bacteria and improving their function. As a result of the end of the experiment, experts found that up to 24% of autistic symptoms in all children were minimized, and about 44% reached the “mild” autism even after a few days.

At the same time, this approach using a fecal transplant for the intestinal biome also proved to be an excellent long-playing remedy – because even after quite a long time after the experiment, in most children many of the symptoms of autism remained in a reduced state, which indicates the possibility of a potential cure of the syndrome with the help of such an approach.

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