Experts introduced nuclear paste

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Forget about metal, diamonds and even graphene – among the most stable and durable materials, of course, they have a certain reputation, but still there is a much more durable material. And this turned out to be the so-called “nuclear paste” found in neutron stars formed as a result of a supernova explosion, when neutron particles are completed in a very tight manner into an incredibly small space for their volume. Today, NASA experts have come to the conclusion that this particular nuclear paste is the most durable of the materials familiar to mankind in the Universe, significantly exceeding the most daring indicators.

However, this does not mean at all that this material is well known to specialists – its discovery immediately gave rise to many questions related primarily to the design of this phenomenon, based on the starting point of birth of a neutron star. The fact is that when a neutron star is formed inside an exploding supernova, the density of neutron particles increases so much that even a mass twice as large as a similar mass of the Sun cannot hold all of their power.

Which causes the appearance of a mass of nuclear particles so dense and resistant to deformation, which is called paste only because it varies in shape from a long compressed shape like a paste to layered formations like lasagna – thus, this semi-comic name does not fully reflect the nature of this material. Specialists conducted a series of computer simulations and found that over several billion years of star formation and its subsequent explosion, this neutron part constantly increased in exponent of energy and duration, which in turn leads to some very interesting metamorphoses of the star.

In addition, experts intend to establish what exactly is the reason for the formation of the primary basis of nuclear neutron paste – however, for this they first need to decide on the choice of a particular set of tools regarding the study of nuclear energy. In addition, they have to solve some complex and controversial issues regarding the analysis of the side effects of the paste.

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