Exercise makes a person happier

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Do you feel that depression begins? Feeling somehow not very, and even there is some apathy? Then running to the gym for training or just to the park for exercise equipment, because, according to American scientists, such events are an excellent prevention of depression and bad mood.

Scientific researchers from the University of Michigan conducted a series of studies and found that at least one hour of exercise (it does not have to be classes in the gym) significantly improves a person’s mood, stimulates the production of happiness hormones. In addition, people who lead an active lifestyle are less susceptible not only to a depressive state, but also to other psychological problems.

It should be noted that moderate exercise is an excellent prevention of obesity, serious pathological processes, which can also cause not only bad mood, but also deep apathy. Therefore, daily need to pay physical activity about 150 minutes a day, and in the presence of excess weight and more. In addition, you need to tidy up your diet – to normalize the diet and drinking regime. Then not only a good mood, but also an excellent appearance, you are guaranteed.

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