Exercise during pregnancy reduces the risk of obesity in children

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Playing sports is a really useful and even necessary thing for every person who wants to be healthy. However, what about pregnant women in this regard? Today's results from one very interesting study from the American Physiological Society showed that pregnant women can actually get more benefits and positive traits from playing sports, primarily in the context of the safe and harmonious development of their offsprings – since the study initially focused on studying this physiological mechanism on two control groups of mice. Thus, the sport can be useful to everyone!

As for the study itself, then the experts decided to study the issue of the real specific benefits of low and medium exercise for pregnant female mice – forcing them to do more or less intense exercise for an hour every day. Then, the scientists looked at the second control group of female mice that did not play sports and noticed that the offspring of the first group has significantly more brown fat, which quickly and efficiently burns extra calories in comparison with the offspring of the second group of rodents.

Approximately the same results were observed in several pregnant women volunteers who were not going through intense sports loads during pregnancy – most of their children could also burn fat and eliminate toxins faster, which is an extremely important aspect of the early successful development of a child. especially in the modern world, where bacteria successfully adapt to drugs.

Thus, the new study added to the list of several previously produced studies aimed at identifying the real outcome of the impact of physical exertion on the body of a pregnant woman and her child. It is worth noting that experts are also interested in double-checking the indicators in the next short time period and conducting another additional study.

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