Exercise and Weight Loss: An Appetite Study

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Many people who systematically go in for sports, one way or another, will confirm that usually after a workout – especially a fairly dense and intense one – an increased appetite wakes up, which is a really expected and generally logical moment. However, today's new study from a talented team of biologists at the Technical University of Munich has shown that athletes should be extremely careful in managing their hunger, as they have an increased risk of overeating immediately after training compared to people who do not exercise or who take some time off after training. exercise.

It should be noted that weight loss and regular exercise do have an undeniable relationship with each other – however, few people realize that the highest level of effectiveness of weight loss is observed only if the correct time pauses are maintained between exercise and consumption. food.

Given the fact that a large number of people want to eat right after a workout, it becomes clear that they have an increased risk of overeating – scientists have noted that this risk increases by 41% compared to other categories of people. The team came to such conclusions by studying the body mass index of several hundred people, some of whom are active athletes – they found that the most comfortable and appropriate time period after training for eating is at least 45 minutes, which actually guarantees the correct functioning of metabolism. In this case, the person is less likely to admit overeating as such.

In general, the team of German scientists also discovered the interesting fact that, purely subjectively, the appetite of athletes also lends itself to control precisely by their psychological mood, and this is not directly related to the physical needs of the body. Simply put, managing your hunger after training is noticeably easier than it seems at first glance, but this, of course, requires some self-control and psychological feedback on an individual level.

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