Excessive sleep can be more dangerous than insufficient

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Today, the first study on its colossal scale was published, devoted to analyzing how strongly insufficient and excessive sleep affects cognitive functions of the brain – similar studies were also undertaken earlier, but this time it is a really large-scale study. Specialists from the United States conducted a study in which more than 10 thousand people participated, about half of whom received insufficient sleep systematically – less than 6.3 hours – and the rest, on the contrary, slept too long. Looking ahead, it is worth noting the fact that the results were very unusual and somewhat unpredictable.

Sleep is a very important component of a healthy lifestyle, so it is not surprising that a greater deprivation of sleep leads to more pronounced cognitive impairment, which has been repeatedly proved by case studies over the past few years. At the same time, specialists from the United States this time focused on the problem of excessive sleep – more than eight hours – in order to find out whether excessive sleep is a dangerous factor for cognitive functions, as well as insufficient sleep.

Having collected data from more than 10 thousand people, they found that excessive sleep is no less dangerous for the development and maintenance of cognitive functions such as long-term memory and strategic thinking – short-term memory also suffers to some extent from excessive sleep. At the same time, experts point out that additional aggravating factors – such as depression or mental disorders of a non-systemic nature – can lead to a deterioration in cognitive abilities for a longer time in most people.

And such a crucial cognitive process as decision making, is very much modified over time in those people who abuse sleep – moreover, it is affected by excessive inertial production of the corresponding hormones. Thus, a new study by specialists again established that the most rational sleep degree should last from seven to eight hours.

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