Eskbiochem AHS Sanitizer recalled due to hazardous methanol content

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Wood alcohol is a fairly common and often used component in many medicines of various kinds, but its content in them often causes controversy among specialists regarding the specific level of safety of such medicines. And today, the pharmaceutical company Saniderm, together with chemical analysis specialists from the FDA Federal Commission, has informed the public about the need to refuse to purchase the so-called Advanced Hand Sanitizer from the Mexican company Eskbiochem SA de CV, since it contains a rather large amount of wood alcohol.

In large doses, wood alcohol can cause a fairly wide range of unpleasant and sometimes even very dangerous side effects, such as vomiting, diarrhea, blurred vision, coma, and even death due to poisoning by this component. Judging by a recent analysis of a team of chemists from the FDA's Federal Commission, the wood alcohol content in the indicated sanitizer exceeds all permissible norms – so much so that the user, using even a relatively small volume of this sanitizer, runs the risk of poisoning with methanol, a by-product of wood alcohol.

It is worth noting that for all those people who are highly susceptible to alcohol by-products, methanol can be especially dangerous, and therefore the FDA and Saniderm decided to prevent potential troubles and have already recalled more than 38 thousand liters of this product, mainly sold in volumes from 1 liter Thus, at this point in time, experts have made the necessary protective measures of a preliminary nature.

Moreover, given the fact that previously such cases were most often revealed after the fact, when many users reported poisoning caused by the presence of an excessively large number of potentially harmful chemicals in medicines. So you can understand that the actions of the experts presented really give professionalism and quick response to the problematic situation that arose so unexpectedly

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