Equipment in public gyms can be hazardous

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Public gyms that are used by large or relatively large numbers of people can be particularly hazardous in terms of harmful bacteria on the surface of equipment – and this is logical, since a large number of people use it in one day. Today, medical specialists from several US institutes presented their new statistical study highlighting the dangers of being in such spaces and using equipment, since their report is not just about harmful bacteria, but bacteria that have increased tolerance even to strong antibiotics.

Thus, scientists point to the need for the time being, if possible, to refrain from visiting the training and gyms of public use, since in such a difficult time as now, it is easier to pick up such a particularly antibiotic-resistant bacterium there. Moreover, the researchers note the fact that exercise equipment most often contains particularly vicious variations of Staphylococcus aureus, and this bacterium is a real scourge of modern medicine, since sometimes even the strongest antibiotics of a narrow profile cannot quickly cope with it.

According to their report, about 43% of public gyms in the US are in question, with about 75% of cases clearly attributable to the staphylococcal situation. Despite the fact that the study was conducted for the American community, approximately the same situation is observed in many other countries of Europe and Asia, but for now the researchers advise to refrain from visiting the halls as long as possible.

It is worth noting the fact that even if a person already attends a public gym on a regular basis, then, as a rule, it is enough for him to adhere to the basic rules and principles of personal hygiene and to carefully monitor to wipe the surface on time and periodically disinfect himself, which can achieve with standard pharmacy tools and approaches. Thus, visiting gyms and gyms is still a threat.

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