Equilium Announces COVID-19 Drug

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The new type of coronavirus has become a really noticeable test for most people and companies, but also for those people who are especially prone to various kinds of respiratory disorders and diseases. Therefore, today the biopharmaceutical company Equilium presented its report on the completion of the preparation of a new drug that successfully combats the main and secondary symptoms of the coronavirus COVID-19, however, there is still a lot of time before its final commercial release, since the company needs to decide on the safest pharmaceutical form of its release. further.

It is worth noting that we are talking about the so-called active substance itoizamub, which offers something really interesting in terms of a massive and comprehensive approach to eliminating the symptoms of a new type of coronavirus. The fact is that this drug was developed in close cooperation with Biocon, a company from India, which has previously repeatedly noted its success in developing preliminary versions of this kind of drug.

Both companies have already conducted preliminary trials on thirty patients who have given their consent to this, and who suffered from particularly severe respiratory problems – as a result of which the mentioned itoizamube was in fact able to ensure the elimination of the main respiratory symptoms, while noting the fact, that this substance can only be used in the most acute cases of respiratory distress so far, since the companies have not yet begun full-scale testing of this drug on the mass medical market.

And it is unlikely that such an opportunity, in principle, will come soon, since at this point in time both sides are busy preparing for preliminary laboratory tests of various configurations of this drug against COVID-19. Given that early successes allowed technicians to experiment more confidently with some new configurations.

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