Environmentalists presented a new report on the state of the ozone layer

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About thirty years ago, the so-called Montreal Convention on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was drawn up – namely, in 1989, when the world environmental community acutely realized the need to eliminate the destructive effects of various chemicals on the ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. The fact is that it is the ozone layer that plays a decisive role in counteracting the excessive amount of solar radiation and ultraviolet rays, so the task of preserving and restoring it has been taking its place of honor for more than a decade. However, it is worth saying that all the efforts of the global environmental community were not in vain.

Today, experts from the UN, with the support of colleagues from leading environmental institutions and communities around the world, have released a report on the current state and trends regarding the restoration of the ozone layer. According to him, by the middle of 2050. we can expect an almost complete restoration of the ozone layer over the territory of the Southern Hemisphere Earth – as for the Northern Hemisphere and Antarctica, this date is shifted to 2060.

Thus, the efforts and activities of the global environmental community have borne fruit – in particular, it is worth noting that it contributed to the revision of the design and creation of those devices that release aerosols and aerosol-containing chemical products into the atmosphere. So far, the report does not speak about other potentially hazardous substances, but it becomes clear that the ozone layer and its protection are still at a fairly high priority level in terms of environmental protection around the world.

It is worth noting that earlier other teams of experts and researchers in the field of atmospheric ecology differently characterized the degree of restoration of the ozone layer, but in general they tended to the fact that closer to the thirties of the current century, the restoration of the ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere will enter a new the phase during which scientists will be able to somewhat accelerate this process and contribute to its “healing."

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