Electro-bandage for wound tightening introduced

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For some time now, specialists in the field of regenerative medicine have been struggling to reduce and increase the effectiveness of various devices that promote wound healing and damage. So a team of talented specialists from the University of Madison-Wisconsin presented their prototype development, which is a small bandage with tape, in which electrodes and nanogenerators are present – this bandage produces point and high-intensity pulsations of electricity in the direction of damaged tissues, thus greatly enhancing the processes of their healing and reducing the time for it.

The system itself is a bandage that is connected with wires to a tape mounted on the patient’s carrier’s chest — this tape gets its charge to work at the moment the patient moves, thus not needing any additional source of energy. The bandage itself is attached to the place of damaged tissues, where the electrodes are connected directly to them – thus, intense and pinpoint electrical pulsations penetrate the tissues, promoting healing.

This development has been tested in rats with extensive and deep injuries of the upper and lower dermal tissues for quite a long time – experiments have shown that such a system really significantly enhances regeneration and helps reduce the amount of time required to fully tighten the wound, regardless of its depth and other features. And the nanogenerators operating as a current transmitter always remain active.

Such an engineering approach can indeed be called ingenious – after all, traditional means and devices for the implementation of such electrical effects are usually characterized by huge size and high cost of their work and maintenance. What can be said about this experimental development of specialists from the University of Madison-Wisconsin, which continues to receive new updates and improvements.

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