Electrical stimulation of a new brain allows you to fight depression

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A new study by experts from the University of California regarding the study of a new region of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex, showed that it can conceal much more secrets and stories than was supposed at its discovery. In particular, the study of specialists focuses on revealing the potential capabilities of this region of the brain in controlling mood and suppressing depressive states – which they did, armed with a low and high-intensity electric stimulator and conducting a test on 25 patients in the queue for the operation to introduce the stimulator to overcome the symptoms of accumulating neurodegenerative diseases.

Initially, specialists applied this electrical stimulation to other parts of the brain that were closest to the new region – then interviewing patients whose electrodes were connected to their skulls, they failed to notice any correlation between their mood level and stimulation intensity. However, when it came to the orbitofrontal cortex, experts found that stimulating this region at low frequencies positively affects the mood of patients, reducing their depression and contributing to more intense dopamine production.

Earlier, studies on electrical stimulation of the brain revealed almost no correlation, but with the discovery of this new region, it becomes clear that it can be a key aspect in the treatment of depressive conditions. Moreover, scientists theorize that stimulation of this region can also help in the fight against chronic insomnia.

However, so far such theories and hypotheses are still overgrown with additional empirical material, thereby allowing specialists to experiment with new ideas. It remains to wait for the next stage of testing in respect of the orbitofrontal cortex and thus hope that work in this direction will really reveal its new secrets.

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