Effective anti-cancer therapy may involve lulling cancer cells.

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Most of the modern approaches and methods to fight cancer involves this very struggle, that is, the desire to destroy cancer cells in order to prevent their spread. However, some groups of scientists and researchers in the field of oncology have repeatedly raised the topic that perhaps a more rational and beneficial way to fight cancer is an approach in which cancer cells remain dormant. This type of anticancer therapy was proposed today by a US research team led by Professor Michael Wendt, who noted that such a sleeping state can be created with one common compound.

Moreover, this compound is represented in the modern medical market for quite a long time – and its name is fostamatinib, used in the composition of many drugs against allergens. This compound, which has long been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration in the United States, produces a protein called SYK – tyrazinkinase – which is found in the cancer metatistic cells themselves, being at the same time a weapon against them.

Having conducted preliminary studies in experimental mice, experts found that the use of this compound and the protein it produces leads to a significant decrease in the rate and dynamics of the development of metastases and primary cancers, thereby indicating that the metabolism of cancer cells is significantly reduced. Despite the fact that it is not yet clear what exactly creates such conditions for the cells, it can be assumed that the basis of the protein compound itself is stored some important genetic information that is bad for cancer cells.

Thus, the cancer cell suppression therapy presented in mice is a truly effective and unique type of cancer control, including the most aggressive. Of course, for the application of this anticancer therapy, it is necessary to carry out a few more tests and tests, however, there is no doubt about the specific benefits of therapy.

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