Eating protein foods prevents dementia

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Dementia or senile dementia is an incurable and progressive disease. The reasons for the development of such a pathological process have not yet been precisely established; therefore, effective prevention cannot be developed. So, this question is one of the most relevant for medical scientists.

For example, recent studies have shown that eating protein can reduce the likelihood of developing dementia (Alzheimer's disease). During clinical studies, scientists studied the daily menu of 541 residents of Australia and measured the amount of beta-amyloid protein in the brain, since it is he who is the "forerunner" of dementia.

Research results showed that people who had an optimal amount of protein in their diet (average value of 118 grams per day) had a much lower amount of dangerous substance in the brain than those who did not eat such food or very little.

Scientists cannot yet determine the causal relationship. It is assumed that the optimal amount of protein foods reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which are included in the group of factors predisposing to the development of dementia.

Clinicians recommend introducing both animal and plant protein into your menu. The daily rate is calculated individually, taking into account the general indicators of health and age of the person.

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