Eating Olive Oil May Protect Your Brain From Dementia

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Adding a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to your daily diet is a really good idea in the context of combating dementia and the risk factors that can lead to it. This was the conclusion of the research team of nutritionists from the Katz Lewis School of Medicine at Temple University in the United States, presenting the results of their experiment in mice. It is worth noting that some early similar developments and projects also took place and showed approximately the same result. But what makes the current work more interesting is that the results were transferred to the human body.

The experiment itself was to give one of the two groups of experimental mice a small amount of extra virgin olive oil for six months, while the second received only the main diet. After this amount of time, scientists measured the levels of tau proteins and some third-party elements in the brain of mice and noted that their number decreased significantly compared to the group that did not receive olive oil.

Namely, the level of tau proteins is considered in modern medicine to be one of the most obvious indicators of how high the chance of developing dementia and other spectrum of neurodegenerative disorders as such is. In addition to the main block of the experiment, experts also noted some features and moments associated with the correct distribution of some other biological indicators – according to the combined result, this group of mice has an approximately 60% reduced risk of developing a particular neurodegenerative disease.

Some similar studies have also repeatedly said that most likely the main reason lies in the fact that olive oil has a very large number of active components and nutrients, which directly have an excellent effect on the level of tau proteins. So the results of the study clearly demonstrate that adding olive oil to your daily diet – especially after thirty years – is a really great idea.

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