Eating large amounts of cholesterol in your youth is more dangerous than expected

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Today, a team of physiology specialists from several US universities presented a rather interesting and unusual study in their results regarding the real degree of risk of developing irreversible consequences in terms of cardiovascular and intestinal health in case of consuming high levels of bad cholesterol at a young age. Despite the fact that the study indicates precisely the age of up to 35 years – which, in general, should not cause particular concern – nevertheless, the specialist point out the fact that it is precisely neglect of one's health at this age threshold that with a high degree of probability can lead to irreversible consequences associated with the work of the heart, circulatory system and metabolism.

In particular, experts point out the important fact that high cholesterol levels, obtained at young and young ages, have the highest degree of assimilation, since a relatively fast metabolism contributes to a rapid format of chemical transformations. And for this very reason, experts warn about the need to monitor the consumption of the so-called bad cholesterol, which is most often seen in foods rich in trans fats and harmful food additives.

According to a new illustrated study, the main threat from high cholesterol consumption at a young age is associated with subsequent pathological changes in the work of the heart, cerebral circulation and the work of the gastrointestinal tract. According to experts, such a neglectful diet in youth significantly increases the chances of a heart attack or stroke before the age of 40, which can be considered as the average threshold for middle age.

It is worth noting the fact that high cholesterol levels also have their own nuances in terms of metabolism, which are not manifested in all people at a young age – for example, some of the patients' cases studied showed that a certain part of people do not experience any consequences in changing the work of the heart rate and blood circulation immediately before the onset of more or less adulthood, which becomes an even more complex pattern of tracking this process.

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