Eating insects has health benefits.

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Insects can be a really very effective source of healthy nutrition and, on the whole, can change the intestinal microflora for the better – this is evidenced by the results of a new independent study conducted by biologists from the University of Wisconsin in the USA. For some cultures and peoples of the world, eating insects is a fairly common practice in relation to food, however in Europe and the USA it is not recognized as useful and relevant – however, due to these positive results, the attitude to such food can significantly change for the better in these parts of the world.

Insects as a whole are a more rational and easier to prey source of food – they are very common, do not take up as much space as cattle, for example, and can really positively change the work of the stomach and the processes occurring between groups of intestinal bacteria. Indeed, in their biology, insects combine many different tissues and their compounds.

An article by a specialist about this has already been published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Scientific Reports, in which experts explain how they achieved such results. They chose ordinary crickets as the focus group of insects, and then, dividing the test people into two control groups – one of which was given occasional crickets, and the second not – they observed the peculiarities of their stool and the behavior of intestinal bacteria in general. In addition, they also collected blood and tissue samples, which allowed the study to be combined into a more integral and complex picture.

The results were very interesting – they demonstrated that the control group of subjects who had insects in the diet found a slightly healthier intestinal microflora and interactions of intestinal bacteria compared to the second control group that did not receive insects. Thus, the previous theory that multiple tissues in insects can be very useful for intestinal function really paid off and became a full-fledged area in science.

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