Eating garlic and onions reduces the risk of breast cancer

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Today, an independent team of researchers from several universities in Europe and the United States has compiled a new statistical report on the study of the relationship between breast cancer and the use of onions and garlic. It is worth noting the fact that this study itself was carried out over a fairly large amount of time, and was aimed at the female part of the subjects, since it mostly concerns breast cancer. It turned out that, in fact, the systematic eating of onions and garlic can cause a significant reduction in both the initial risk of developing breast cancer and, in general, face any kind of external cancer mutation in the body as a whole.

In particular, oncologists demonstrated an example of Puerto Rico as the main evidence of a preliminary theory about this, where a large part of the population – including the tested women – consume significantly more onions and garlic in comparison with residents of other regions of the United States and Europe. The reason is simple – one of the national dishes is a special onion-garlic sauce, due to which the level of consumption of these two products increases significantly.

As a result, the overall reported incidence of breast cancer in Puerto Rico is markedly lower compared to that in other countries and regions of the planet. After conducting some preliminary dynamic studies, a group of scientists noted an average decrease of 67% in the risk of developing breast cancer in women at any age – but this is especially true for women from forty years of age and older who are in the traditional risk group for a similar spectrum of oncological diseases in the world .

It is worth noting the fact that eating onions and garlic for the prevention of breast cancer has been considered previously in many similar studies, but then it was not a question of compiling such accurate dynamic statistics. On the other hand, new clinical data clearly demonstrate the fact that not only drug treatment is a good approach to the prevention of cancer, but also more natural and natural sources.

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