Earth BioGenome project proposes to study the genome of all living things on the planet

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The modern world of biology is quite diverse and interesting in itself, because now and then new studies and discoveries add new topics and areas of study of organisms. And now, with a talented team of twenty-four biology professors from various world universities, a very unique and inherently surprising project was proposed, called the Earth BioGenome, whose goal is to select and subjected to a consistent genetic study of the DNA of all eukaryotes known on Earth, uniting plants, animals and mushrooms. Such a large-scale project has already met the first wave of enthusiasm and approval in the scientific community.

An article with preliminary scientific data on this project has already been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, where a group of organizers from 24 biological scientists from around the world proposed a new system project aimed not only at sequencing the genome of all known living organisms, but also the finding and classification of new animal organisms – it is mainly about new species of fungi and underwater creatures. It is worth noting that at the moment, classification biology unites only about 0.2% of all eukaryotes on Earth.

As for the approximate number of new organisms to study, scientists report about 15 million species. In addition, according to preliminary estimates, such a large-scale biological project will take about ten years and about 4.7 billion US dollars, including all its stages.

The Earth BioGenome project embodies the goal and means of modern genetic science – namely, the selection, classification and identification of various genomic structures and areas of DNA that can be potentially useful for use in medicine, technology and science in general. A successful project of this type will significantly enhance understanding of modern biology tools and instruments, as well as significantly expand the horizons of this natural science activity at the highest level.

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