Early Retirement May Develop Neurodegeneration

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Retirement is something really expected and logical, especially after many years of work. However, the early retirement, which is now popular in Europe and the USA, due to special merits or the special spectrum of a particular profession, can actually serve not only as a source of better sleep and less nervousness, but also an increased risk of various neurodegenerative diseases in the elderly . These results were achieved by a team of neuroscientists from Binghampton University in the UK, who studied the dynamics of this relationship with Chinese retirees.

This is a new program called NRPS, launched in some regions of the People's Republic of China, and which suggests the possibility of earlier retirement of certain categories of working citizens. Scientists from the UK have taken a serious approach to studying the relationship between early retirement and the risk of neurodegeneration in one form or another and found that in fact, in the long run, this risk is higher for those who retire earlier.

Given the fact that a pension often involves refusing any intensive physical or mental work on an ongoing basis, it becomes obvious why scientists came to such conclusions – however, their study of this relationship also relates to the consideration of the work of some hormones and neurotransmitters, which are ultimately violated in their regulation and lead to an increased risk of accumulation of tau proteins in certain areas of the brain, which is the main reason for neurodegeneration as such.

So far, the study is at a preliminary stage, although it demonstrates truly indicative results – in any case, while British scientists plan to revise some of the points and nuances of the experiment itself, looking at alternative assessment scenarios. So very soon the same team will present its new study on the nature and risks of neurodegeneration for those who retired early.

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