Drugs containing MNBA acid are seized

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Today, the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration has released a new report on a notorious and long-suffering medicine for high blood pressure called losartan potassium. The fact is that earlier the Federal Commission decided to withdraw this substance from the medical market of America, which resulted in a similar decision on the part of many pharmaceutical companies. However, in a new report, the commission team noted that two more lots of losartan potassium and hydrochlorothiazide, which are present in a fairly large number of drugs for high blood pressure, were seized.

The substances mentioned above are found in various drugs for high blood pressure in a very large volume, which is a known danger to the cardiovascular system and tissues in general, since early studies have shown that losartan is associated with an increased risk of developing cancer mutations in the body. Given such a clear and even acute risk, it becomes clear why the Federal Commission issued such a order to remove it – however, in this case there were some medical and biological subtleties.

The fact is that the majority of patients who are already taking these medications cannot just abruptly refuse their subsequent intake, since their body is already accustomed to this particular configuration of nutrients. To prevent an aggravation of the situation, the responsible team of the Federal Commission noted that patients should contact their attending physicians and pharmacists for the possible replacement of these drugs with those that do not contain NMBA acid, potentially causing cancer mutations.

Since such a sharp transition is not possible for reasons of ethics and security, it becomes clear that the situation could soon turn abruptly – unless the researchers from the Federal Commission take some rational steps towards resolving it. Nevertheless, it remains for now to wait for the correct approach of the specialists and draw up a conclusion based on their decisions.

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