Drexel scientists develop MXene smart fabric

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Today a team of talented materials engineering specialists from Drexel University presented something really interesting and unusual about the development of a special coating – this is a very unusual fabric with an extremely high level of reflection of electromagnetic waves, which, among other things, also allows to reflect certain wavelengths of radiation waves. It is worth noting the fact that developments of this type always represent something very promising and interesting, since they can be applied in a whole range of different tasks and directions, not to mention the fact that they can play the role of a full-fledged technological platform.

In the case of a new format of reflective fabric called MXene – and this is how the team of specialists decided to designate their development – it became known that it is something like an electrically conductive fabric for clothes, but the electricity does not pass through it, but is stored in as an active component and an element for further reflection of electromagnetic waves.

Given the fact that many similar developments have been presented in one way or another by many other companies, it becomes clear that MXene has a very interesting character – simply because it offers a much wider functionality and range of possibilities in comparison with alternative options for conductive fabrics … According to the head of the scientific project, Yuri Gogotsi, this smart MXene fabric has a really promising nature of reflecting not only most of the electromagnetic waves, but also some of the radiation, which automatically makes it useful for military needs.

Of course, it is still difficult to talk about any final format for the commercialization and adaptation of this development for the masses, but the team of material engineering specialists from the University of Drexel notes that they managed to achieve a really high indicator of stability and efficiency of this smart fabric. At this point in time, it remains only to wait for further news regarding the improvement and expansion of the functionality of the presented smart fabric.

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