Double pizza volume does not affect health in the short term

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Today, a team of nutritional researchers from the University of Bath presented the results of their new study to the public, which is devoted to examining the question of whether eating a significant amount of daily calories can actually affect the rapid development of cardiovascular disease and other complex chronic conditions. Specifically, the new study focused on eating pizza as one of those high-calorie foods that is the most common fast food in Western culture, which is critical for the purity of the experiment.

As part of the experiment itself, several dozen people, aged 22 to 37, were selected who did not have any chronic diseases and did not have any pronounced health problems at all, including the digestive tract. After three weeks of the experiment, during which the participants ate different volumes of pizza, from 1.5 to 2.5 servings from two to five times a week, the experts conducted a cross-reference analysis and found that for the vast majority of the participants in the experiment, eating even 2.5 times the original volume of pizza about three times a week did not have any significant effect on their levels of sugar, cholesterol, and other similar biomarkers.

Moreover, such an experiment had practically no effect on their body mass index, with a few exceptions. It is worth noting the fact that such results somewhat surprised the researchers, and clearly demonstrated that for people under forty years old without chronic diseases and with systematic physical activity, eating such foods may not be so dangerous.

Nevertheless, one cannot fail to mention that the presented experiment is not fully final, since scientists have yet to test different configurations of similar studies in the past and compare with alternative databases. On the other hand, the food habits of modern people are changing more and more often, and therefore, soon such situations will already become rare.

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