Dolphins are most affected by noise pollution

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It's no secret that the impact of sound on some living creatures makes them experience various kinds of troubles and problems with life – dolphins were no exception in this sense. Today, a team of oceanologists from the Center for Environmental Sciences at the University of Maryland presented their new report on how noise generated by humans adversely affects dolphin behavior and habitat. In particular, their study focused on the fact that too high a level of noise pollution causes dolphins to communicate with each other in shorter sounds.

Dolphins use a rather complex set of audio messages when communicating with each other – and the gradually increasing level of noise provoked by a person in their environment leads to the fact that they are forced to use shorter audio messages and thereby transmit less information. In other words, the anthropogenic noise factor has a degrading factor on their interspecific communication, and experts from Maryland note in particular that this also affects some of their other neighbors using a similar system of communication and communication.

Previous studies of such a plan have proved that the increasing noise level due to motor boats, ships and other transport water equipment leads to degradation of the hearing aid and communication in many species of deep-sea whales, since the natural exchange of sound waves in the aquatic environment is disrupted.

It is not yet known exactly what long-term prospects the ever-increasing noise level caused by human devices and inventions can lead to – however, the team of specialists notes that it is necessary to reduce it as soon as possible, since this in theory can lead to cognitive degradation of dolphins as a species. They indicate that the complex way of communicating dolphins with each other is disturbed and their brain volume is reduced due to this.

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