Dog owners have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

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A dog can be not only a wonderful and sweet pet, but also a kind of salvation from premature death and a number of cardiovascular diseases. At least, that's exactly what the experts from the American Heart Association say when they released their new report today on the relationship between having a dog as a pet and a reduced risk of heart disease or stroke. It is worth noting that similar studies have been carried out earlier, but the new study focuses mainly on older people and those at risk for developing such diseases.

It is no secret that a dog as a pet not only requires food and water, but also attention – which is expressed in the need to at least occasionally engage in walks and other physical exercises with it. This is precisely what the research team emphasizes, pointing out that walking the dog as a whole reduces the risk of developing a heart attack by up to 33%, while in older people this risk is reduced even more.

In addition, the research team also studied the potential relationship between owning a dog as a pet and a reduced risk of developing a different spectrum of depressive illnesses. In particular, they found that dog owners are much less susceptible not only to depression, but also to a generally bad mood due to the fact that between them and the pet about the same emotional connection is formed as between the parent and the child. They also compared that the risk of death during hospitalization in a stroke is about 27% less for those people who live alone but have a dog as a pet, which seems to be an interesting relationship.

In addition, if we take into account the fact that some dog owners as a whole have a more active lifestyle, it becomes clear that in this way they can extend their life span without even knowing it. However, in the new study there are still many questions that need to be resolved at a truly deep level.

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