Doctors have created a vaccine to restore damaged cartilage arthritis

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Scientists from the University of Southern California conducted a series of clinical studies and determined that the RCGD 423 molecule produces the growth and differentiation of cartilage tissues that have already been destroyed by arthritis. In addition, such a compound slows down the development of the inflammatory process, which is also very important in this pathological process.

Based on this molecule and other compounds, clinicians have developed a new drug. According to researchers, it not only eliminates the extremely unpleasant symptoms, but also restores already damaged tissue. It is also noted that the use of such a tool can save a person from the operation.

It is noted that studies already conducted in rodents showed quite positive results – damaged cartilage tissue was restored very quickly. Further clinical studies are planned with the participation of people. During this phase of work, it is proposed to establish the effect of the drug in osteoporosis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

At the same time, scientists note that the effect of a new drug cannot completely eliminate the disease, but significantly slows down its development, therefore there will be no urgent need for an operation.

It’s too early to talk about when the medicine will enter the medical market for widespread use, since a number of clinical studies are required.



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