Doctors-diagnosticians will replace the computer program

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A group of Chinese scientists has developed a new computer program that can independently diagnose malignant formation of the prostate gland by separating a sample of a sick person’s tissue from a healthy one. It is noted that the accuracy of the assessment is the same as when conducting such an analysis by a diagnostician.

In the future, according to Chinese scientists, this process will be fully transferred to the automatic mode. The need for such software is high, as prostate cancer today is one of the most common diseases in men.

The new system will not only fully automate the process of histological examination of a tissue sample, but also provide an opportunity to accurately determine the degree of malignancy. The technique was tested on 918 samples, which were taken from 283 men. Thus, clinical studies have indicated that the accuracy of the program is 99.38%.

Pre-clinical trials of the new software are currently underway, and the final results will determine whether such software can be used as the main diagnostic measure. The preliminary results were more than positive, so there is a high probability that the new technique will soon be used in medicine.



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