DNA and RNA could form together before life on Earth

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DNA and RNA are the basic genetic compounds that unite absolutely any cellular organisms on Earth – however, today a team of talented specialists in evolutionary biology from the Scripps Research Institute presented its new study in this regard, hypothetically establishing that DNA and RNA could form in living organisms almost simultaneously, and not separately, as is commonly believed in scientific circles at the moment. The study itself focuses not only on this relationship, but also covers many other aspects regarding the emergence and development of intelligent life on our planet.

But it is worth, in particular, dwell on the issue of the relationship of DNA and RNA. Scientists under the guidance of the professor of bioengineering and evolutionary biology Ramanarayan Krishnamurti experimentally established that RNA, despite its flexibility and a more primitive functional appearance compared to DNA, nevertheless arose most likely almost simultaneously with DNA – scientists prove this by pointing to the interaction between them of a special enzyme and a chemical compound, which served as a kind of binding substance and at the same time the chemical precursor of the emergence of multicellular living organisms. This compound is thiuridine.

Scientists believe that thiuridine was present in a sufficiently large and diverse amount about four billion years ago when the first multicellular organisms began to develop, but at the same time they indicate that in laboratory conditions they do not always manage to use this compound to convert part of the genetic information from RNA in DNA.

Which in turn can mean two possible options – either another compound takes place in this complex and multi-stage chemical process, or scientists miss any stage of the previous theoretical study. In any case, the proposal of such a new and unusual concept that RNA and DNA arose almost simultaneously would surely force many specialists in the field of evolutionary biology to reconsider the methods and approaches to their research.

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