Diet to simplify diabetes management

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The treatment of various kinds of diseases can be quite complicated and lengthy, even if earlier these diseases were thoroughly studied and put in order by medical research. So the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus can be markedly complicated by poor nutrition, and therefore a team of nutritionists from the University of Tel Aviv in Israel presented their new study on the possibility of improving this moment. In particular, the diet they proposed actually demonstrated the clinical possibility of increasing the effectiveness of the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus with traditional medications.

The new proposed diet is based on a smarter distribution of important nutrients throughout the day – unlike some of the previously described diet options, Israeli scientists primarily place emphasis on taking enough carbohydrate-containing foods during breakfast. Then they recommend that you dine quite tightly with those foods that are also rich in carbohydrates, starch and a small amount of sugar, and in the evening will limit themselves to as simple a dinner as possible without the additional content of carbohydrates.

The fact is that the proposed diet was previously tested on several groups of healthy and diabetic people, during which it was found that it actually can significantly improve the glycemic index and general antidiabetic therapy in principle. Especially when it comes to older patients with a predisposition to some immune complications and digestive problems.

It is worth noting that this diet in one way or another offers a balanced version of food intake and rest after it, since a gradual decrease in the level of carbohydrates and sugar consumed in the late afternoon sets the body to a more “thoughtful” assimilation of these substances. As a result, it allows you to more finely and intelligently adjust the glycemic index over a fairly long period of time during the day.

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