Diagnosis of cancer becomes easier

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A team of joint oncologists from the University of Queensland in Australia and the University of Illinois in the United States today presented their new development, dedicated to more detailed and accurate finding, identification and analysis of cancer cells harvested through blood tests. The fact is that it is blood sampling as a medical test that is the fastest, easiest and cheapest format – however, the detection of cancer cells or related biomarkers in the blood is rather complicated from a technical point of view. However, the joint team of scientists was able to offer their technical solution to this issue.

Scientists have presented a prototype of their own special device, whose main goal and function is to detect and analyze so-called circulating cancer cells, which are formed and cleaved from the main sites of the cancer, entering the bloodstream of the patient. However, their detection by conventional means when testing a blood test becomes almost impossible, as they are contained in extremely small quantities. However, the new device, presented by experts, is based on microfluidic technology and includes a photosensitive system for detecting biomarkers associated with the presence of cancer cells in blood bodies.

Thus, after testing their device during preliminary testing on blood tests of various cancer patients, the scientists concluded that the device in its current iteration works very well and accurately, revealing a really high level of quality when disconnecting cancer cells from all the others. It is due to this feature that the technological device looks interesting.

In practical terms, this approach means the ability to quickly and accurately determine the presence or absence of certain types of cancer cells, not only in the analysis of blood cells, but also in other areas, thanks to the ability to read and analyze cancer-related biomarkers. However, for now it remains to wait for the next news regarding the improvement of the functionality and capabilities of this device.

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