Diagnosis of breast cancer in 3 hours

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The currently existing various diagnostic methods are fairly accurate and reliable. However, the factor of diagnostics speed also matters, because, unfortunately, not every woman has enough time and opportunities to undergo a modern examination by an oncologist. And breast cancer has various forms, many of which develop fairly quickly.

High-speed method for diagnosing breast cancer

As a result of joint development of American and Israeli scientists on the basis of Eventus Diagnostics Israel Ltd, such a fast and affordable method was found. This is just a special blood test, the result of which becomes known already after 3 hours, and has a high degree of confidence.

The method is tested on patients, approved by the European Anticancer Community, and will be available for the first time this year in the UK.

Advantages of the method

The merit in the invention of the blood test method belongs to scientists in the field of molecular biology and immunology of Israel and the USA, who combined many tests for various forms of breast cancer in the new method, improved and accelerated the technique through the use of nano-technologies.

A new rapid method for diagnosing breast cancer will make its detection earlier, and the study itself is available for a much larger number of patients.


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