Developed a new prostate cancer drug

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Currently, prostate cancer is one of the most common fatal diseases. A group of British scientists managed to develop a new vaccine that will destroy cancer cells, which will help to eliminate the oncological process without surgery in the early stages. Provided operable intervention, the substance can significantly increase the effectiveness of this treatment method.

The basis of the new drug is RNA molecules, which enable the immune system to identify malignant cells and destroy them. It should be noted that such drugs were created earlier, but then there was a problem in that the drug was absorbed by the body, and did not reach the core of the immune cell.

British scientists from Queen’s University Belfast have developed an improved method for transporting the drug. To do this, they took a square patch, and on its back side secured about 360 microneedles. Thanks to this design, the drug easily overcomes the stratum corneum of the skin and delivers the substance into immune cells.

At the moment, scientists are conducting additional clinical trials. Soon it is supposed to conduct research in laboratory mice. If the drug shows positive results, then it may be conducted research with the participation of people.



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