Developed a new device for the treatment of HPV

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In this case we are talking about the treatment of such diseases as human papillomavirus. This pathogenic organism is one of the most common types of venereal diseases, and often leads to the development of cancer pathologies in women (we are talking about cervical cancer).

A new device for treating such a disease has been developed by Emblation. The device emits waves of low power, which will provoke an aggressive local response of the immune system. Clinical trials were conducted at the University of Glasgow. With the help of new equipment, we managed to successfully remove warts, which may also be due to HPV.

The new method of treatment is minimally invasive, does not require a long period of rehabilitation, as in the case of traditional surgical intervention. However, it’s too early to talk about when exactly it will be used in medicine. Scientists need to conduct a number of clinical trials, to establish whether there are side effects from this method of therapy and other equally important factors.

At the moment, the only appropriate method of treating such pathologies is their prevention — protected sex, a healthy lifestyle, a systematic medical examination.

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