Dementia can be dangerous for the daytime sleep cycle.

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Today, a team of specialists from the University of Sydney presented its new study on the analysis of the features and points of influence of dementia – one of the most common forms of neurodegeneration of brain cells. Specialists, carefully observing the peculiarities of the development of this disease, found that the vast majority of patients with dementia experience a rapid loss of the ability to dream and evaluate reality from their internal position – which in turn leads to the impossibility of strategic long-term planning, or to evaluate their past experience.

Even earlier, many other neuroscientists studying various forms of neurodegeneration, one way or another, noticed that most patients suffering from one form or another of dementia constantly concentrate and focus on the present – it can be a working TV or a talking person, while completely lacking the opportunity to think about their actions and thoughts, according to the same patients.

Studying the internal aspects of dementia in the context of the electrical activity of the brain in several patients in Australia, specialists from the University of Sydney found that the further the disease progresses, the more difficult it is for patients to make long mental predictions and dreams. And this is an extremely important part of the process of continuous learning and self-learning, without which neurodegeneration is much faster. What surprised a lot of Australian specialists, who are currently busy looking for a suitable set of actions that can somewhat suspend this process.

What is even more surprising is the fact that most of these cases with the loss of the ability to dream while awake are more characterized for those patients who are relatively young and who have an early stage of development of Alzheimer's disease or widespread brain dementia. Which clearly hints that the answers to the problem can be found in the bowels of these observations.

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