Delta Airlines is preparing to reduce carbon emissions

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Today, very unusual and promising news has arrived that Delta Airlines, one of the largest in the field of transport services, intends to significantly reduce carbon emissions over the next decade, mainly in the context of its flight transport. The management of the company said that such a decision was prompted not only by their desire to protect our planet in an additional way, but also to provide their customers with unique experience in using flight transport and Delta airlines, which is also a convincing reason.

First of all, it is worth noting that Delta Airlines largely speaks of its intention to eliminate as much as possible the amount of carbon emissions in the air, although it is also engaged in operations on the ground. Moreover, changes in the environmental safety policy will affect not only changes in the structure and technologies in its own aircraft, but also some of the third-party environmental projects in which Delta Airlines representatives are actively involved.

So far, there are known vanishingly few aspects and bits of information regarding what specific steps the program consists of and when it will begin its implementation, however, one can guess that in the very near future the company will submit a final report on the first stage. The program itself should unfold over the course of the current decade and present something really interesting for all partners and customers of Delta Airlines.

It is worth noting the fact that some time ago the company officially approved a new list of priorities in the direction of which the complex of transport services of the company will develop – and first of all it will include the expansion of third-party biological and environmental projects whose main goal is to reduce the level of carbon emissions. Thus, it remains to wait for new news from the management of Delta Airlines and based on this draw certain conclusions.

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