Decreased thyroid production may increase your risk of mental illness

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Today, a team of endocrinology researchers from the European Community of Endocrinology presented a truly interesting set of findings from years of research into the potential relationship between decreased thyroid hormone secretion and an increased risk of irritability and mental illness in general. The study itself was largely based on many previous studies of this kind, so it is hardly surprising that experts decided to arm themselves with the experience and results of many previous teams that studied this.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that irritability is only an indicative symptomatology, behind which things can be hidden much more disturbing and difficult in terms of relief and treatment. Therefore, the focus of the research team is the interest in uncovering the real relationship between the decreased production of T3 and T4 hormones, which are thyroid products and the development of mental illness.

According to their preliminary results, the relationship is actually present here, and mainly in the segment of reduced thyroid production, since, as the scientists noticed, the increased production of these hormones over time most often leads only to an increase in the overall level of tolerance of the immune system to it, but its decreased the amount can be really dangerous. In addition, experts have also found a definite relationship between decreased thyroid production and certain autoimmune diseases, which automatically makes the results much more alarming.

On the other hand, the experts themselves say that they are likely to engage in somewhat more detailed observations of certain points regarding irritability and mental illness in connection with other hormonal disorders in the future. But so far, researchers point to the fact that people should be as careful as possible about their hormonal state and periodically undergo an appropriate medical check-up, especially if predispositions are present.

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