DARPA is looking for a way to relieve hallucinogens from side effects

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It is no secret that some hallucinogens of natural and artificial type in one way or another have some positive and beneficial properties for the human body – a fairly large number of studies over the past few decades have indicated this. However, it is their hallucinogenic nature that forces national governments and health organizations to continue to refrain from their wider use in modern medicine – however, everything can change thanks to the new project of the DARPA agency, which is looking for a way to adapt hallucinogens to the needs of medicine and remove their classic side effects.

The “classic side effects” primarily means their ability to cause hallucinations of the widest range – this is especially true for substances such as psilocybin and LSD. This is the purpose of a new study and the work of specialists from the DARPA agency, who strive to remove the side effects of popular hallucinogens and make them even more effective in combating various mental and physiological diseases.

In particular, the focus of the research group is the need to develop more effective and safer drugs for the treatment of diseases such as post-traumatic syndrome and various types of obsessive-compulsive disorder, along with many other fairly serious psychophysical diseases of a wide and narrow spectrum. Some researchers indicate that the positive results of work on the project can significantly improve the course of development of medicine as a whole.

And such a statement is in fact not without rational grounds, since some psychophysical diseases in one way or another have a certain flexibility in their treatment when it comes to the use of a different spectrum of hallucinogenic substances and compounds. However, even before the project is completed, it is undoubted that scientists will have to explain in as much detail as possible the charm of such an approach to the world community and the healthcare system.

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